Project Rooms

Dedicated space for your project

Regus can provide you with a secure space on demand, engineered to your requirements for as long as your project dictates.

Regus Project Room

Workspace, wherever you need it

Your project may take you to places where you have no dedicated workspace.

You might want to set up your project away from your premises so your staff can focus on particular things, like training.

Regus offers:

  • Project rooms for any size and duration
  • Quick and easy deployment of project workers with fast set up and take down
  • Flexible payment where you pay only for what you use

All project rooms are served by a dedicated support team and include:

  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • FREE Flipchart, whiteboard and markers
  • FREE Water
  • FREE Pads and pens

Plus telephone with speakerphone function, catering services available and use of an LCD projector and screen if required.

Book the project space you need now at +1-844-241-5515 or by using the online booking form.

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