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More people are working from home now than ever before. For most companies it is an important and growing element of their business strategies. 

With Regus, home working provides several benefits to your team, your business and the environment.

Regus Home Working

Work from home, productively

Home workers can be just as productive as office workers; more so in some cases as they spend less time commuting. It enables employees to enjoy a better work-life balance, and at the same time means businesses can reduce the size of their real estate portfolios and their carbon footprint.

 Regus offers:

  • Direct savings to your business from reducing the amount of office space you use
  • Hot desking, so fewer desks are required and you improve how you use your space
  • The flexibility to use workspace and facilities just when you need them, e.g. for customer meetings
  • Greater employee loyalty due to flexible working hours
  • Enhanced productivity among teams

Want to know more?

To find out how we save you money by helping your team work from home, talk to a Home Working Advisor at +1-844-241-5515.

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