Mobile Workforces

Teams on the road

The rapid rise of mobile working has created increased demand for flexible, alternative workspaces that meet the needs of both company and worker. 

Regus gives your mobile workforce the tools they need to work effectively.

Regus Business Lounge

Closer to your customers

Our mobile worker programme is designed specifically for teams on the road. It gives them access to the Regus network, wherever they are in the world.

We have a presence in 750 cities globally, allowing mobile workers to be closer to their customers. 

However your mobile workforce is set up, Regus provides workspaces for every scenario:

  • Get a productive place to work without the costs of a full-time office
  • Host meetings with customers, prospects or partners, at Regus locations anywhere in the world
  • Use collaborative Regus workspace to bring together mobile workers and virtual teams for specific occasions and events
  • Avoid unnecessary travel using the largest video communications network in the world
  • Work from any of our 2,000 locations that is convenient to you worldwide

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  • Access to our lounges worldwide
  • Dedicated office space
  • Unlimited office days

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