HR Directors

The challenges for HR Directors

Your workforce may be spread out or concentrated in key locations.  You may need the flexibility to deploy teams at short notice or hire for peak periods of activity.

However your team works, Regus can help. 

Regus Business Centre

Successful deployment and organisation

Our products and services provide HR Directors with the right environments for employees to work efficiently and productively, worldwide.

Regus enables you to support your staff when they are away from the corporate headquarters.  If they are working in new territories, Regus offers them a home away from home. 

Regus can:

  • Introduce flexible working practices which result in more satisfied and productive employees.
  • Create great environments for people to work in.
  • Deploy staff quickly and easily in new territories.
  • Improve employee relations.
  • Provide workspace for specific HR functions, including recruitment, training, internal communication and team-building.

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