Sales Directors

The challenges for Sales Directors

Whether pitching to existing customers or looking for new ones, a sales team needs to spend more of its time selling, and less on distractions. 

Regus helps reduce things like travel, paperwork and downtime, to make your sales team more productive.

Regus Business Centre

Workspace to suit your business

Whatever the size or structure of your sales teams, Regus has the network to support your business in local regions, nationally and throughout the world. 

Regus can:

  • Provide sales teams with great places to work– including remote working, branch offices, business lounges, regional sales hubs, meeting rooms and board rooms.
  • Provide access to the Regus network to use as your own, as and when you need it.
  • Employ sales people in the most flexible and cost-effective ways, by providing the right infrastructure for them.
  • Help sales teams explore new markets at very low cost, providing support on the ground as well as local information.
  • Deploy sales people closer to prospects and customers.
  • Provide dedicated workspace for telesales teams.

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