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Regus Video Communications is the future of meetings. Meet anyone, anywhere, any time - real time.

  • Make decisions faster
  • Save money on flights and hotels
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Connect to one or more of 2,000 centres worldwide
  • Book quickly and easily, at affordable rates

Regus Video Communications

Video Conferencing
...cost-effective meetings at distance

Meet face-to-face without the usual travel expenses and down time.

We have the largest  network of video conference suites in the world, for cost-effective long-distance meetings.

Book online now or speak to one of our Video Conferencing Advisors at +1-844-241-5515.

  • 24-hour booking for worldwide coverage
  • Full technical support, with all connections tested in advance
  • Dedicated suites with the latest video conferencing software and equipment, each including our full meeting room service

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