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Need Part time office Space?Work-ready office available by the hour, day, week or month.

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Lower your costs

with our part-time offices

Eliminate unnecessary costs – if you only want an office three days a week, we have the space for you.

Choose private space to concentrate, or open-plan or shared space, so you can interact and enjoy the buzz of a busy working environment.

Savings made with a part-time office will mean you can invest where it'll make a real difference to your company – all without compromising productivity.

  • Short-term project offices
  • Remote offices for sales teams on the move
  • Regular workspaces for homeworkers a few days a week
  • Fixed space for training companies

Use extra space, at a day’s notice, as your company grows.

With Regus, you'll find the freedom to adapt your workspace to your needs.

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Your part-time office option

…all of the time

When you need a short-term workspace — but not a long-term commercial lease — Regus offices let you choose your own work schedule and your own lease terms.

Whether you need temporary office space or a place to regularly conduct business a few days a week, with Regus part-time offices you can:

  • Secure an affordable alternative to a commercial office rental
  • Choose shared office space or private office space
  • Conduct business in an upscale, fully equipped interim work environment

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