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Dedicated private office with Workspace Recovery Reserve

Regus Office Space Regus Office Space Regus Office Space

Guaranteed business continuity

with guaranteed office space, wherever you need it

Maintain seamless business continuity even if your office is severely hit by natural disaster or a major upheaval.

Regus' Workplace Recovery Reserve guarantees a full office held in reserve, set up to mirror your current premises.

Choose from our 3,000 centres for a location wherever you need it if the worst happens.


  • A complete package providing total business continuity and compliance
  • A guaranteed alternative workspace adapted to your exact needs, ideal as back-up for critical business operations

A Regus Workplace Recovery package gives your business a workspace to use immediately when disruption occurs.

We offer dedicated, productive working environments, including office space, meeting rooms and business support to use as your own.

Plus with 3,000 locations in 900 cities across 120 countries, you'll have an unrivalled choice of workplaces.

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