Dedicated to productivity, unique to Regus

If you don’t want to shut yourself away behind a closed door, but still need the privacy to work and make calls, a Regus Thinkpod is for you.

Regus Thinkpod

Private space... a public place

A stylish new thinking and working space with room for a laptop and a comfortable, adjustable chair, Thinkpods are dedicated to productivity and unique to Regus.

We designed them to be used for any length of time from one hour to a whole day, providing privacy in the shared space of our business lounges.

So you can work in confidence, while still being open to networking opportunities.

Regus Thinkpod

Use Thinkpods today...
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For quick and easy access to Thinkpods, our Businessworld membership scheme is the answer.

  • Use of Thinkpods in Regus Business Lounges worldwide
  • Discounts and special offers, administrative support and more

Want to know more?

Talk to an advisor for more about Thinkpods and Businessworld membership at +1-844-241-5515

Businessworld membership levels offering

  • Discounts
  • Access to our lounges worldwide
  • Dedicated office space
  • Unlimited office days

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