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More than 50% of companies in Mexico lack a recovery plan in the face of a sudden disaster

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After an unexpected hailstorm covered Guadalajara in ice, Regus opened its doors to offer local businesses free workspace to keep their operations running


Guadalajara suffered a rare natural phenomenon on 1 July, when a freak hailstorm covered the city in up to five feet of ice. Not only did this impact on the roads and the traffic, but it also caused economic damage for the many companies who were unable to operate after the storm. 

In the aftermath of the icy event, Regus Guadalajara opened its doors at three of its business centres, Country Club, Puerta de Hierro and Intermex Industrial Park, to offer local companies, remote employees and entrepreneurs use of their fully equipped and connected offices free of charge. Regus’ flexible workspace, professional environment and bilingual administrative staff enabled local companies to operate during this critical time.  

Prior to the hailstorm, many companies in the region believed they were fully prepared for any natural disaster, but the event has highlighted the need for a recovery plan to keep companies operational in the face of exceptional circumstancesWe Mexicans often use the phrase, ‘This will not happen to me, which has left hundreds of businesses in Guadalajara poorly protected in the aftermath of the hailstorm,” says Mónica Sansores Aguilar, VP of Regus in Mexico. “It’s essential to have a workspace recovery plan that allows every company to continue with a good functioning of its operations and guarantees employees a safe work environment." 

Our recent study on the recovery of workplaces after such events showed that 56% of Mexican companies did not have an anti-disaster recovery plan enabling them to provide an alternative place of work within 24 hours. The stability of a company in such critical moments often leads to greater loyalty from their customers and even an increase in sales.  

Despite significant changes in the countrys labour practices, such as increased flexible working provision and mobile technology, the recovery methods of many companies when faced with disaster still remain underexecuted. 

The Regus study showed that the main reason that many SMEs in Mexico do not have a plan is that they were perceived as being too costly. However, its an important subject and some 67% of Mexican companies consulted have since said they would be willing to invest in a recovery plan to ensure their business continues in the aftermath of any disaster, if the price was affordable. 

Both in Mexico, and on a global level, it makes good commercial sense to have a recovery plan in place which provides an alternate workspace that is safe and properly equipped within 24 hours. In short, a disaster recovery plan is essential for the modern business. With more than 3,000 locations around the world, Regus’s flexible workspaces can provide everything you need if disaster strikes. You can be at your desk within 24 hours with a fully set-up laptop, internet access and phone line to ensure business continues.  


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