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Bringing passion to the workplace with the “multi‑hyphen” method

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As more and more people pursue their passions alongside their regular jobs, flexible workspace solutions are helping to support the shift to a “multi-hyphen” workforce


Freelancers, the self-employed, micro business owners, multi-hyphenates, slashies, those with portfolio careers or side hustles: whatever the name, working for oneself in a career that utilises a personal passion or skill is on the rise.

The working world is changing at a rapid pace as the proliferation of technology enables people to work from wherever they like and this is having a knock on effect on the self-employed sector in particular. The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) claim that more than 320,500 freelance professionals in the UK now no longer work just one job, but instead have two or more.

What is powering this trend?

The idea of a job for life disappeared for most people some time ago. Now many are taking this as an opportunity to work not only in the areas they want but also in a style they want, by sourcing numerous income streams that utilise their skills, talents and interests.

The millennial generation in particular has driven this trend, having come into the jobs market as the 2008 economic downturn took hold. This generation has not known job security in the same way as previous generations and have had to adapt as a result. They have also sought to satisfy changing priorities, for example looking for work solutions that accommodate their family needs and personal passions.

Work for yourself = work from anywhere

Having the ability to work flexibly means that these multi-tasking self-employed workers can adapt to whatever environment suits them best for what they are trying to achieve.  Flexible workspaces play a significant role here, enabling the self-employed to access essentials such as good WIFI and great coffee, while being able to work alongside a new network of potential business contacts. These workspaces also offer the flexibility of different types of meeting spaces for changing needs, whether that is somewhere formal to meet with clients or stakeholders or a quiet place to work on a project, away from distraction. For the multi-hyphen generation, it offers an opportunity to surround themselves with flexible people, in flexible locations, that suit the adaptable lifestyle that they are cultivating for themselves.   

Being your own boss

An attractive prospect to many, running a micro business or freelance venture means that individuals must take on the responsibilities of an employer, including investing in their own skills and development. Setting up in a flexible workspace, for example, can lead to opportunities to form connections and with the spaces readily scalable, workers can use them as required.

There is no doubt that as more and more people look beyond the traditional 9-5 job roles and embrace their passion projects as potential sources of income, the trend towards flexible working is making it easier than ever for people to make money doing what they love.


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