Regus expands into the Italian city of Florence


Regus expands into the Italian city of Florence

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With the Florentine business community looking to work smarter, Regus has opened its first co-working space in the Tuscan capital


The Tuscan capital seamlessly blends the past with the present: the city has a modern, thriving economy – twice the national average – supported by tourism, a buoyant industrial sector, increasing consumer expenditure and a growing population.

Given the city’s prosperity, it’s no wonder Regus has opened its first co-working space in Florence. The 2,000-square-metre Regus Firenze Libertà couldn’t be in a better location, set on the Viale Giacomo Matteotti, one of the main arterial thoroughfares in the heart of the city.

“Regus Firenze Libertà is in the Unesco area, right on the border of the historical centre,” explains Francesca Gammino, Regus area sales manager. “It is easily accessible by all means of transportation. The two main train stations are located about 15 to 20 minutes’ walk away. The avenue where we are located is home to some of the most important banks, insurance companies, legal and accountancy firms in the city. Galleria dell’Accademia, home of Michelangelo’s David, is ten minutes by foot.”

The new co-working space extends over five floors and caters to every business requirement: there are 51 private offices, 190 workstations, 28 co-working stations and three meeting rooms. All come with high-speed Wi-Fi and are fully furnished and equipped, with natural light flooding in from the inner courtyard. And there’s also a garden.

Regus expands into the Italian city of Florence

As ever, rooms can be configured to spec, with a friendly, competent staff on hand to deal with requests. The workspaces are available for long- and short-term leases and are bookable via the Regus App, which allows access to 3,200 Regus centres in 110 countries around the world.

In keeping with the global workplace revolution, flexible working is gaining momentum in Italy. A new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs – attracted by the idea of not being confined to the traditional office scenario or the standard 9 to 6 day – want to work smart.

So much so that last year the Italian parliament approved new ‘smart working’ legislation aimed at improving work-life balance and conditions for those working remotely – not to mention reducing CO2 emissions, commuting time and under-utilised office space.

“Flexible working is becoming very popular in Italy. First of all because it reduces the risks connected to investing in a facility and having a fixed contract,” says Gammino. “It also allows companies to attract the best talents even if they are located in a different city from the one where the company operates. Our clients are big multinationals, medium-sized companies and professionals. Regus opens its doors to anybody who sees the added value of our services.”

As with the Italian cities of Rome and Milan, the latter of which doubled its Regus workspaces in just four years, Florence is moving with the times. Its flourishing business community wants a collaborative, creative environment, with no set-up costs or capital investments, and Regus has obliged.

“Regus has decided to open a business centre in Florence as the city is growing in relevance, both nationally and internationally, and it is ready to open its doors to flexible work spaces,” says Gammino. “Florence and Tuscany are famous in the fashion and luxury goods industry, as well as the food and wine and hospitality industries.”

With plans to open more co-working hubs in Italy in the immediate future, the Regus footprint is ever-growing. “Regus has seen an exponential growth of its business centres throughout Italy in recent years,” says Lorena Plans, Regus marketing manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

“In 2009, it managed ten offices nationwide in just three cities. A decade later, we have almost 55 business centres in 12 different cities across the country. By the end of the year, Regus’s goal is to reach nearly 65 business centres.”


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